Talk Therapy

We have all experienced inner conflicts, unclear goals and wishes, and the feeling of disorientation in times of change. Thoughts and feelings contradict each other in our inner dialogue, taking up a lot of space and energy. A part of us is continuously searching for solutions while other parts are stuck in habits and old patterns of thought and behavior.

As a mental health practitioner (German licensed Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie), I support you respectfully, resource-oriented, and solution-focused in times of change, difficulties, or feeling stuck.

As an English speaking expat, I am familiar with the challenges that come with living abroad, such as culture shock, communication problems, and difficulties adjusting, as well as bicultural relationships and raising children in a foreign country.


In the first session we discuss what made you decide to try counseling and explore possible goals. You will get a first impression of my therapeutic methods and a feeling for our work together.

The most congruent and sustainable solutions can be found within. We can lose sight of our innate knowledge when we only concentrate on what doesn’t work. Through a solution-focused approach you regain access to your inner resources and help discover your path as well as the abilities and competencies you need along the way.

Good counseling helps you to help yourself. Learning relaxation and mindfulness techniques can help you to become more resilient in everyday life and improve how you deal with stress.

To accomplish this, you will explore possibilities for change in daily life and emotional tools for difficult situations. This will enable you to establish and expand your resources so that you can integrate new, effective, empowering ways of acting, thinking and feeling.

At the end of the first session we will draw up an initial time frame. When deciding the number and frequency of visits, we need to take both effective treatment models and your personal needs and circumstances into consideration. Depending on the nature and scope of your concern, weekly or monthly visits over a certain period of time might be helpful. In other cases two to three visits in a row make more sense: further appointments can be made as needed.

Oftentimes an hour or two is sufficient to initiate suitable change.

As a mental health practitioner I maintain confidentiality.