One-Year Group in Energy Healing

Do you have some experience in energy healing or do you work in a therapeutic setting? Would you like to deepen your abilities and understand the background better?

This year-long group offers you the possibility to learn the foundations of energy healing, regardless of your field and approach, and improve your chosen methods through this deepened understanding.

Through my own varied and contradictory personal and professional path I began to recognize underlying structures and links that connect different schools and techniques.

I would like to share some of this knowledge by having you experience it and bringing it together with the things you already know and understand, both consciously and unconsciously.

Each evening consists of theory, related exercises (individual and with others) that facilitate experiential learning, and discussion. There is space for you to bring up topics from your daily life. Over the course of a year and in harmony with the wheel of the year we examine the multi-leveled principles of energy work.

Some topics include:

  • Protection and Shadow Work
  • Self and Other
  • The Holistic Approach and Integration of Paradox
  • Types of Perception and their Development
  • Listening for and Identifying Inner Voices
  • Finding one’s own Way amidst a Diversity of Methods
  • The Therapeutic Tertium
  • Various Concepts of the Energy Body
  • “First the Ecstasy, then the Laundry” (Jack Kornfield) – Integration in Daily Life

The Group

You will be part of a fixed group of 3-5 participants who keep in touch in-between meetings in dyads or triads. In this way you learn from and support each other. Over time trusting relationships develop, which deepen understanding and growth. The courses can only be booked as a whole. The first evening is to get to know each other and learn more. Afterwards we will make a decision to commit to share our paths for the turning of one round.


This training is aimed at people who work in the areas of health, therapy or wellness or are planning in working in this area and would like to better understand and develop energy healing work as a whole. You have already taken your first steps on your own path, are capable of self-reflection, and have a generally stable psyche and mental state.

Dates and Costs

I don’t currently have an English group planned, but if there is enough interest I will start one.

90€/ meeting, 9 evenings, 3 ½ hours each