What is Holistic Massage?

Touch is a profound form of communication. Your body has a unique story to tell. Respectful, listening contact gently dissolves old tension, promotes innate knowing, releases pain-relieving endorphins, and supports healing processes.

Holistic massage uses touch as connection – between different regions of the body, between body and experience, and between body, feeling, and being. Recognizing the interwoven strands restores your awareness of yourself as a whole.

The deep relaxation that sets in during holistic massage gives your mind space, in which it can let go of thoughts and worries and broaden. The increased flexibility of your body brings more mental mobility and freedom.

Differences between holistic massage and other treatments

There are many different kinds of massage and every therapist has their own “handwriting.” Holistic massage is special, in that every treatment is unique. I use my knowledge, experience, and intuition to personally tailor each session for a fitting treatment. During a holistic massage, we meet in an attentive, respectful atmosphere, which results from:

An Integral Approach

Before your first treatment I will ask you about any issues you may be having and about relevant medical history, i.e. medical conditions, injuries, or operations. Your information, together with my observations and intuitions during the treatment, provide a larger picture of connections and interplay, enabling multilayered direct and indirect treatment. This broader, informed approach is best suited to meet the complexity of the human body, mind and soul.

Combining Physical and Energetic Methods

This broader approach calls for a wide range of methods. By alternating energetic and physical techniques, many layers can be reached, intensifying and deepening the effects. Holistic massage uses reflexology and indirect effects, making it possible to gently and positively influence painful areas of the body while avoiding triggering more pain.


Every treatment is individually tailored to each person and situation. I focus on you as a unique human being and take your preferences into consideration, for example when choosing oils or finding the most comfortable position for you. I respect your boundaries and special needs, so that your holistic massage is pleasant and effective.

Time and Tranquility

I plan sufficient time for each appointment, so that there is space for deep relaxation and tranquility. I do this to improve the quality of the treatment but also as recognition of the quality of life inherent in every moment.