Inner Journey

Important, formative aspects of our lives are saved in the unconscious mind, accessible through images, daydreams, or as hard-to-grasp emotional states. These deeper levels of consciousness contain richness and wisdom that can evade us in daily lives dominated by rationality and efficiency. The roots of many everyday patterns and feelings originate here.

Through relaxation and focusing our attention on less-known areas of consciousness, new perspectives emerge. Trance opens the way to your inner wisdom and helpful aspects of your self. You can discover images, colors, sounds, and sensations that enrich your life and give you a deeper understanding of who you are and what your path is.

Dreams, personal symbols, and creative visualization open the door to your inner journey. I accompany you as you travel, working hand in hand with your inner guide and always respectful of your boundaries. Your trance is as light or as deep as is beneficial for you at that moment. A beneficial alliance of your conscious and unconscious mind help decide the journey.

What happens during an inner journey

After our initial interview, I invite you to find a comfortable position, either while seated or lying down. Perhaps you begin to relax as soon as you have found a good position or maybe relaxation comes gradually, with a body scan or by letting familiar images arise. I use strengths, resources, and metaphors from our previous conversation to offer you possibilities for your inner travels. You can describe as much or as little as you would like during this process. Through exploring your inner worlds you will find unexpected solutions and realizations. Space and possibilites open up. Afterwards you integrate the new and return to everyday consciousness.

Roots of inner journeys

Ancient people all over the world have used the healing properties of dreams, trance, and shamanic travels. They enter the worlds between and the dream worlds through dance, song, drumming, symbols, breath, or rituals. These traditions are still present in many cultures and religions, sometimes partially or in a different form. In Hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson explored the power of language and metaphor to enter into a lighter or deeper trance. His students and successors further develop his work in Solution Focused and Hypnosystemic Therapy approaches.