Energy Coaching

In addition to energy work I can guide you on part of your own unique spiritual path and help you to effectively change the energy habits in your everyday life.

To do this we explore your energy patterns and determine which ones are more suitable to the circumstances you would like to adapt to, deal with, or transform.

Energy Coaching is helpful for issues such as:

  • Protection from unwanted energy
  • Repetition of difficult habits and patterns in work and relationships
  • Relationship to your body
  • Harmonizing the home and workspace
  • Spiritual growth

You can delve deeper into yourself and the universal network of life. Shamanic approaches with physical and energetic methods help you to better perceive and influence your energy field. Visionary techniques clarify your purpose and the next step on your life path. It is a matter of great import to me that you personally sense and perceive what is right and fitting for yourself at this time, beyond norms and expectations.

Energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment, rather compliments it by fostering inner powers of self–healing. If you suffer from an illness or are in medical treatment, speak with your medical provider before making an appointment for energy work.